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zakPublishing.com is an emerging life enrichment publisher and marketer that firmly believes in the power of your mind to completely transform your life and live your dreams.

We intend to bring you the information and tools to help you create your solid foundation from which to grow your positive life as your true self desires.

We like to inspire, inform and provide uncommon insight to our customers, subscribers and visitors. We are committed to provide you with the utmost quality products, services and customer support.

contact myinfohero.comOur Publisher & CEO has spent the past 18 years engaged in financial and self-improvement publishing, preceded by 12 years experience in mortgage banking & brokering. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Real Estate and he’s an avid self improvement experiential researcher since 1995. In his spare time, Dave likes to jet ski, pretend he’s a gourmet chef, watch Misfit Garage, play drums, play billiards and enjoy traveling his mind.

If you have any questions about our products, services, events or otherwise, please contact us here.


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